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event terms and conditions

by booking to attend a girls across the grid event, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

You must be a member of GATG to attend an event, membership will be confirmed either on the website, or as a member of the Facebook group.


  • When you attend a GATG event, you are representing our community. We ask that members act with respect to other members, and the venue where the event is taking place.

  • If there are any cleaning charges or damage charges against GATG, following an event, this will be passed onto the member responsible.

  • If we deem any member to be acting disrespectfully, based on the severity of the action, the events team can make a decision to temporarily or permanently ban a member from attending future events.


  • If the event you are attending is a free event, you must give a minimum of 72 hours notice of cancellation (if the cancellation varies this will be listed on the event page) - this is so the venue and event organiser can be informed.

  • Cancellations less than 72 hours and any non-arrivals on the day will be noted.

  • If there are any charges incurred from cancellation of an event - this will be passed onto the member who cancelled.

  • Repeat or frequent last minute cancellation (72 hours or less prior to an event) or non-arrival will be noted, and the events team can enforce a ban on booking future GATG events.

  • All paid events are fully non-refundable, unless stated otherwise. You must inform us if you will not be attending a paid event as soon as possible.

  • Any refunds agreed by exception will be for event cost only, GATG donations and booking fees will not be refunded.

  • Paid events can be sold to other GATG members. If you sell your event space to another member, you must inform the event host as soon as possible.

  • Any GATG event is non-refundable if cancelled due to force majeure (fire, flood, earthquake, elements of nature or acts of God, acts of war, terrorism, riots, civil disorders, rebellions or revolutions, pandemic and epidemics including Covid-19 or any other similar cause beyond the host's reasonable control).



  • If you leave the GATG community, you will no longer be permitted to attend events.

  • If you are removed from the GATG community by the Community Lead under the jurisdiction of the GATG Values and Behaviours - you are forfeiting your place at any GATG events. If you are removed and are due to attend a GATG event, your place is cancelled and you will not receive a refund.

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