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community rules and values

we want our community to remain a calm and friendly space, whilst also giving you a safe space to share your thoughts and opinions. therefore, we ask that all members adhere to the community rules as per below:

  • You must be over 18 to join "Girls Across The Grid"

  • Our aim is to create a welcoming environment for women with an interest in motorsports. Please treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. We understand we all have different driver and team preferences, please respect other's opinions.


  • We celebrate the diversity of our community. We are committed to ensuring the community remains an inclusive and safe space for everyone. We have zero tolerance for comments which are degrading or speculative to someone's race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity.

  • Self-promotion of your own motorsport-related business or project is permitted on Mondays only. Self-promotion messages sent outside of a Monday will be deleted. All promotion must be associated with motorsport. Self-promotion on Monday does not include own social media.

  • Social Media sharing for personal gain is not permitted within groups, please use the pinned posts in the Girls Across The Grid Facebook page to share your Social Media account.


  • MLM advertising or network marketing is not allowed under any circumstance.

  • Please do not send spam or irrelevant links within any Girls Across The Grid groups. Spam is classed as repeat irrelevant or unsolicited messages. Irrelevant messages are those which do not have context in relation to group conversation.

  • Re-selling of motorsport merchandise or tickets, or any other type of selling is not allowed within any Girls Across The Grid group.

  • All free giveaways (to include merchandise, tickets or experiences) should be sent for approval, and thereafter managed through the Girls Across The Grid core team. This is to ensure validity of the giveaway.

  • All photos and/or content shared within the Girls Across The Grid community will remain as the property of the creator/owner. Resharing or posting without permission will result in removal from the community.

  • Please do not share content from GATG group chats online or on social media without the permission of those included in the conversation. Sharing of personal information to incite hate is prohibited and will result in removal from the community.

  • All members information should be treated with respect and confidentiality, please do not share personal information of members without permission.

  • If you see any comments or behaviour which breaks the community rules and values, please flag to the chat moderator who will review the issue, and escalate to the Community Leads for investigation if necessary. Chat moderators are listed in the description of every chat.

  • In-person events can be organised by any group member, but must be supported by a moderator. If you have an idea for an event, or an event you would like to run, please contact your chat moderator who can assist with event planning guidance and procedure.

  • Creation of all sub-groups must be through a moderator to ensure consistency throughout the GATG community. GATG are not responsible for content shared outside official groups. If you are unsure whether a group you are in is an official GATG group, please contact a moderator.

  • Please treat the admin and moderator team with respect, and follow instruction when requested. Any disrespectful or sarcastic messages towards instruction given by an admin or moderator, or towards the team in general is not permitted under any circumstance. On WhatsApp, this includes use of emojis, stickers, GIFS and message reactions.

  • The team work on a case-by-case basis in regards to issues and complaints, and will take appropriate action based on the severity of an action made.

  • Anyone who is found to breach community rules and values on multiple occasions will be removed from the community.

  • Sharing of illegal, copyrighted material, or sharing of links which promote unauthorised streaming is not allowed in any part of the GATG community. This includes sharing of epubs, and links to illegally stream sport rather than paying to show through authorised channels.

  • Please note that GATG are not responsible for communication between members outside of moderated group chats or social platforms. We encourage members for safety to only communicate via the GATG group chats. If a member breaks GATG rules outside of a group chat, this is outside of admin jurisdiction and responsibility.

Last updated: 11/07/2023

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