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what is the gatg paddock?

Up until now, we have run our membership in our Facebook group only - whilst we have been learning, and working on building other options. And whilst this worked, it wasn't ideal! Less people are using Facebook, quitting social media or using other platforms more regularly.

Therefore, after trial, error, more trials and more errors - we put together the GATG Paddock, a way for people to join GATG as a member - even if they do not have a Facebook account!

what do i get with the gatg paddock?

You will receive exactly the same access as our members do on Facebook, you can access our library of group chats - join a regional, or join chats for Grand Prix's you want to go to! Being a GATG Paddock member also includes access to race-meets, member-only discounts on paid events, and exclusive member-only discounts on select small businesses.

who can join the gatg paddock?

All GATG members must be 18+, this is due to the nature of events that we organise - which often take place in bars or pubs, and include the consumption of alcohol.

The main aim of GATG is to encourage women to socialise, make some new friends and embrace their passion for motorsports amongst likeminded people. 

One more thing, GATG is girls only! ᵕ̈

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